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#1 11 years ago

I am the Team Leader for the Operation Shephard mod team (not to be confused with Opposing Shephard) read our modDB page for more info Operation Shephard for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB and for more info on helping us out check our forums: Message Board - Home and so far we're doing pretty good but obviously we can't pull this off with our small team but we are dedicated to making a good shephard mod that won't die. But we are in need of models and skins for enemies such as: - Re-creation of the Synth Soldier as seen in Raising the Bar. - Gian King/Queen antlion (can be based off of one in RTB but not nessacry) - Other Orginal Synth Creatures - Re-skins for rebels to give "marine" look and citizens for "casual" look. Join our team as a permanent skinner and/or modeller or if you'd like to lend a model or skin without joining that would be apreciated too. Contact me on the ModDB website (Same name, Reaper21) or at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] if you prefer e-mail if your intrested we'd like to see some of your work but really we just want some dedicated people to help out.