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#1 16 years ago

Dear HL² Fans As you all know HL² provides a fantastic enigine that is great to use for mods in any kind. Therfore many teams found together to realize their projects. However there are many mods for almost every kind of shooter games execpt for one. Now I want to try to outline my thoughts. HL²is pretty realistic. The first thought I had when I played the first chapter was " wow I m IN the game". I really felt like being there. So why dont create a mod to use that atmosphere for community life!? What do I mean with that? Imagine a server that join. You choose a skin like a RPG charakter and you spawn on a map that provides several locations to interact with other players. Imagine to enter a bar a café or something elese where to chat or to play tiny games with others. The main task for this mod team will be to code and animate social interactions like drinking a beer or something like that. If you remember JK Outcast or JK Academy there were many tiny mods that allowed the players to show emotions or little stunts online. Of course this is "only" a fun mod idea but you will able to fit that on any mod theme. For example you could create a CSS Bar where terrorists and counterterrorists take a drink and so on. How chat applications or other goodies could be implemented is unclear for I am no coder ;o) This would no usual mod / gametype but I think it would be a nice idea to complete the community life and or the interaction of clan members. I hope I could to point up what I got in mind. Unfourtenetly I have nearly no knowledge in modding but in conceptional working. If there are skilled people out there who are intersted in founding such a mod project feel free to respond or to pm me. have fun! Desperado :cya:

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#2 16 years ago

so basically use the totally awesome source engine to make a 3D chat room????

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