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#1 13 years ago

Hello, First off I would like to introduse my self. May name is Sam and im am currently taking control of the new Instagib : Source mod wich was relesed a cupel days ago. i have beta tested several games like Day of Defeat source, and The matrix online. I can also make maps, im not the best but I am ok. I have worked on lots of websites so once we get a server i can get that going ASAP. i love playing games from MMORPGS to FPS. As of mods i havnt worked on a whole lot. I have lots of time on my hands untile agust 4th then ill have about 5 hours a day for the mod. Ok less about who I am and back to bussniess ------------------------------------------------------------- If you guys didn't read on the file page that the original Mod team was going to switch back to the Unreal Engine and work on Projects for UT2004. They basicly Said if I can get a team togeather the mod is mine to make improvements on. Please Help me on this. We are currently looking for These job positions. -Coders -Modlers -Sound's person -mappers -Beta testers If you are intrested please email me at [email="toxic433@gmail.com"]toxic433@gmail.com[/email] Thank you, Sam, AKA Bob P.S. Im sorry for any typos or mistakes I am writing this at 1:24 am.