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#1 11 years ago

Im working with xsi modtool v4.2 and i already know to texturing my model,compiling it create a qc file for all the model kind's for static-dynamic and physic model and im trying to create a sequances for my dynamic model and i dont know how to create the sequances smd's files i know how to add the sequances to my qc file and rename it and i dont know how to animate my model inside my sequance smd file that i linked from my sequance in my qc file,when im using mdldecompiler to compile dynamic model with animation i can see that for each sequance there is a smd animation file and i dont know what to do in the same file to edit the animation,what shold i move\animate with animation toolbar inside my sequance file to move my model brush in game ? how can i control it ? when im opening a sequance file i just see alot of object that contain 3 green lines that looking like x,y,z exis,i try to move the frame to see if they move or something but nothing happen. what shold i animate in my animation smd file to move-rotate my model?