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18th September 2005

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#1 15 years ago

I was wondering if there is any possible way to edit the dual elites in the game Counter Strike: Source, and make them into dual raging bull revolvers. I always wanted 2 be able to do this, but i do not know how to edit weapon skins. If any1 can teach me or make me the skin, I would really appreciate it. Thx.

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28th July 2002

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#2 15 years ago

well, if im not mistaked, if you create a new model (the revolover) and skin it, and named those new things, to the exact same names as the current dual elites, they will replace them, without any major coding.........the name will still be dual elites, but thats a minor inconvienece...... also, i think that would only affect you, and other people on the server would still see the dual elites in your hand(s) im not very good at modding, so dont quote me on any of that

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15th February 2005

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#3 15 years ago

He's exactly right, and if I know my GCFscape, just extract the revolver model from HL2(if you can) and just re-skin it and do what it says. Not sure if you can use HL2 models in CSS, though.