Is there a way to get the super grav gun to work PROPERLY in ALL other levels? -1 reply

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8th April 2003

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#1 13 years ago

After looking at the Gravity Gun's Dll info it looks like it would be easier to just edit all levels so that the Super Gravity Gun works PROPERLY in them. Here's what I mean by PROPERLY: NPCs that are punted after either being picked up or just plain punted have the lightning arcing across their body. When an NPC or object is punted into an NPC the NPC does not disappear like they do in all levels that you aren't supposed to have the Super Gravity Gun in, but instead is knocked back and has lightning acring accros their bodies, when an npc dies of any other cause other than the Super Gravity Gun(by means of being directly punted or having and objected hurled at them) they die like they would if hit by a combine ball.

So basically the question is How Do You Make The Super Gravity Gun Work In All Levels Like It Does In The Levels That You Are Supposed To Have It(Minus Pulling Consoles From The Wall)?