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#1 15 years ago

Journey of the vortigaunt is a Singel player aimed mod, where the story is like this:

As the portal storm rages on earth, and Dr.Breen takes control under the combines, a small group of vortigaunts hides away, trying to flee from the horror they have seen on Xen. Deep under the human city that will be known as C17, they made their city of Voric. And through tests and experiments they managed to create the perfect soldier to protect their city. Vex is one of these soldiers. A sargeant in the last desperate army the vortigaunts have. The force is assigned to scout out an area around airlock E13, however this is failed due to a fierce combine ambush. Taken to a prison especially made for his race, the combine try to find the answer to Vex's power, but their efforts go unrewarded. He manages to escape, with the help of the electric sources inside his cell. On his way out, he learns that an insider in Voric will give the city's location to the combines, which would guarantee invasion, and slavery again to all the vortigaunts. The Combine would get access to the source of Vex's power, making an army stronger then the forces they already have. Its your job to save both Vortigaunts and humans. Are you up to the task?

This mod will innclude:

  • New weapons as well as every HL2 weapon. We are aiming at 8 new weapons but thats not final.
  • New areas in C17, new areas outside C17, a new city (Voric)
  • Boss fights
  • New characters (humans, combines and vortigaunts)
  • Cinematic driven storyline

Just a few goals this mod will have.

This are the positions the mod are in need of:

  • Texture artists
  • Modelers (1 static and at least 2 animation modelers)
  • Face poser workes (if you know how to model thats great)
  • A couple of level designers
  • Concept artist

We have 2 level designers, 1 static modeler, 1 animator, 1 programmer and 1 concept artist. Now our concept artist will have to work on some school things so a concept artist is realy welcomed.

Im sorry to say we have no media at this stage. Our programmer have worked on the new weapons, but since we dont have any models to show from, we cant show off those yet. He will though try to make a small video to show the effects of some of the weapons. Still pending.

So if you want to join, pleas get to our web pages and sign up. Now since im new at this forum, and for some stupid reason, i cant post any links (who thouth of that rule?) outside this community. So use google, and can someone that have more then 15 posts post the link pleas?

Anyway, if your looking for a mod that aim first on singel player, will have at least 40 (if not even more) levels and many new things, we are the mod for you.

Hope to see you on our forums

Bear^ Lead story writer and level designer JOTV


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#2 15 years ago

h t t p : / / w w w . p l a n e t h a l f l i f e . c o m / j o t v / :) There is a way around everything (and this a just a simple way out) And just an opinion but, that site sucks. Not just that it looks plain and boring, but adds, links to external forums, ads, etc... I'd get a better looking site if I were you, people are attracted to those kinds of things. Would be glad to help design your site, and will host it for free if you would order the domain name ($5) (or i could give you a subdomain).


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#3 15 years ago

We did have a idea to get the forums hosted in planethalflife, but didnt get it. Where the forum is located shouldnt have anything to say.

But the web page itself, we have someone working on a new layout. Thats just a standard layout our webmaster found and used. We will get a new layout for our pages as soon as possible :)