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#1 13 years ago

Here's a full fledged tut on how to make a half-life 2 mod work without Half-life 2. All you need is any game that comes with the Source SDK Base. Note this is different than the Source SDK.

First off, let me say this: this will not work with every mod. I can say, that this will work with a majority of them.

Now, say I wanted to make the mod DayHard work, I don't have Half-life 2, I have Half-life 2 Episode 1, and counter-Strike Source. well, Both of those games come with the source sdk base. It's in the tools section of steam, make sure it's installed.

Download or compile or whatever you do with your mod or someone elses mod. Put the mod folder on your desktop for now. Go to your steamapps folder, usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps . go to your account folder, which is either your steam name, or the email address associated with your steam account.

So if my account name was jbloggs (it isn't ;P ) it would be C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\jbloggs\ . Go to the souce sdk base folder, (if it's installed it will be there) copy the mod folder (In my case, DayHard) to the source sdk folder, and look for a file called hl2 or hl2.exe . RIGHT-click on it, highlight Send To, and click "Desktop (Create Shortcut)".

Here's what should have happened now.

  • The mod folder is in your source sdk base folder
  • There is an icon on your desktop called "Shortcut to hl2.exe"

Right click on your shortcut you just made, go to the General Tab, then at the top, type in the name of the mod (in my case, DayHard) then go to the Shortcut tab. Under Target, you will see the location of hl2.exe . after this, put in without quotes, " -game (The name of the mod folder)" Note there is a space at the beginning. So I would put in " -game DayHard" . (without quotes)

Click Apply, and test it out. If it works, HOORAY YOU DID IT! If it doesn't run, check your mod folder. When you go inside it, if you see what's displayed in the top image below this paragraph, you want the folder circled in the source sdk base folder. If you see what's in the bottom picture, and it doesn't run, the mod is probably incompatible with this tut.



If it runs, but you get an error saying it can't load the library, then the mod relies on the models in half-life your mod is definitely incompatible with this method.

If you try this, and it doesn't work, send me a buzz. my email is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].