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25th April 2005

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*** RP_Amsterville & DM_Amsterville ***

Map for Halflife 2 DeathMatch & Gmod - RolePlay

[Original file name:]

Version: 1.1 (no beta's released)




General info:

This map is a map about a town from Holland. It's not Amsterdam, but it is a town with a few similarities. It is divided into 3 areas where each one is different from eachother. Because this map should give you the tourist feeling, there is only a hotel to stay with exellent view over the river. Now there are also 2 houses next to the hotel to live in. There is not much I can say, you have to see it for yourself... again. Have fun with it.


The entrance of the map like all RP maps should have, is a bit different than you're used to. Now, the admin-room is combined to it, also a point to get information from the admin. In the admin-room there is a nuke feature in the DM version only, which can also be killed/destroyed by pressing the glass sealed [STOP] button. Provided a vote call text to allow players to vote for or against the nuke feature. (voting goes by normal chat) In the RP version, the admin-room is not locked the first time the map starts. This way, no code is needed to quickly go in the admin room if needed and lockdown later. It is also code locked, and the 4 digit code is hidden in the map in loose digits. When you collected all 4 of them, then you can puzzle out the combination. Only when someone is in the admin-room, the code feature can be locked too for a maximum of 5 minutes. Also something else is new, the meeting & chat room. In this room you can wait for a friend player or chat with other players without being in the urban parts of the map. It is next to the info/admin room, and a nuke free zone in the DM version. To get to AmsterVille itself, you have to "travel" to it. (only in RP version) Choose a way of traveling which determines the location where you arrive. Though, this is no more than just a teleporter. But this way you can choose to which urban area you wish to arrive. Also something new is the exit. ;) It is a door to a black area leading to... your home. (exiting the server) Another new feature is the weather control which can be switched on and off. Default is on, meaning random weather of lightning and rain and dry periods.

Other info:

I did not create the Volvo model, the author of that model is Solidgranite, or so I heard. (Gmow Cars) Custom trees I added are made by: Gosukes Also added content from CounterStrike:Source made by VALVe.

Known Bugs:

1. Some times you can see transclusent textures and sometimes models through other transclusent textures that are more close to you. 2. Since the game (HL2) was never made with use of the slam weapon. Model Doors can't open and will stick forever. And brushmade doors always blow them up when there is blocking damage added to them. And if you got hurt, it's only -1 healthpoint after you got hit twice.

All of those bugs are not my fault. These are all Source Engine bugs! So please, don't report these bugs, they are already taken care of, or could not be fixed/prevented by me. I did the best I can to prevent all bugs & limit errors. __________________________________________________ ______________

To install, just put both the bsp files here:

"[drive]:\... ...\[username]\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps"

To view/play the map, type in console:

"map dm_amsterville"

you can of course put the rp_amsterville.bsp file in the Gmod maps folder in case you can't find the map in Gmod.



You may use/play my map no matter what, as long as you don't take any credit for it! When you spread and share this map, make sure it is this unmodified zip file that includes this readme.txt. And I don't want people to edit or decompile to change my maps. Decompiling it to look at it, and learn from it is ok with me. For questions or whatever, contact me at: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] All F.Kalkman's maps (my maps) come from http://WWW.SMARTZENEGGER.NL (former: Infos -

(Don't e-mail me to ask for the code! It's possible to find, and you just have to find it yourself)

Thank you for playing my map(s). Enjoy.

To download: • F. Kalkman's Versatile Game Site & Forum

Greetings, F. Kalkman - A.K.A. Smartzenegger.

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