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#1 16 years ago

I made my clan there own models T and CT. ButI want them to be on my servers and make anyone that joins our servers download them. Or have the choice between our models or the stock models like in 1.5 I have tried putting them everywhere on our servers. Even deleting the original models and nothing works. I can install them on my side (client side) and they work fine. But I cant on the server side. Can anyone help me please as to where I should be putting them or what I'm doing wrong?:beer:



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#2 16 years ago

Well, you can't force people to download your models. I assume you named the new models the same as the originals in order to just replace them. If so, that's why they're not downloaded, since as far as the client goes, the models are the same as the originals. Send your clan mates the new models and post a notice about them in the MOTD with a link and a picture, so that people who want to check them out will just go and get them. Welcome to the forums.