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I dont know what u thought of my previouse post but no 1 replied. i will give more info n e way "Kleiners Gate" Features: -realm jumping -extensive maps (Zen?) (other worlds) -new creatures including the "Tall" head crab that involves a suspended zombie and a more complex sociaty of ant lions= (all currently designed and drawn by me) -HL aliens like houndeye and bullsquid. -if anyone has "raising the bar" concept book or seen the art i would like to include some of the missed Combine soldiers especialy the "Alien Assasin" the "Combine Gaurd and "cremator" -Team work would be more extensisve as your a small team who need to look out for each other. -New weapons including specialy designed trapping equipment. -scripted scenarios of deep story (currently writing it) -post stuff u think would work im open to suggestions For those that missed my last post: A SP mod set after HL2: you join a small band put together by Kleiner who after HL2 modified the H.E.V suit and built more to send an exploritory team to the Alien realms to explore and recover new species. A field trip if u will. But is there someone or somthing else in these realms... COMBINE!! Harvesting more alien recruits, the mission has gone from Field trip to Battle field. I would love to have a group to put this mod into production even if it doesnt go live i would love to know that my designs are worth a HL2 story. Thanks for reading Post what u will.