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#1 13 years ago

Hello, i'm new in counterstrike and hl2 modding and i have a few questions because i want to create my own mod. Here're my questions:

1. How can i add weapons to css? Can sb explain me that? I've already read the turtorial but a few hours ago i saw that there were .txt files in a total conversion and i want to ask if smb. could explain me how the work. :confused: I've already got the graphic and sound files i only need a turtorial how to give the weapons ammo, rpm, cost and so on.

2. How can i make steam show my mod in the "Third party" section.

greets Heavygunner

This was the .txt file: WeaponData { // Weapon characteristics: "Damage" "26" // damage per bullet "Bullets" "1" // bullets per shoot "CycleTime" "0.075" // time between shoots // Weapon data is loaded by both the Game and Client DLLs. "printname" "#SDK_MP5" "viewmodel" "models/weapons/v_smg_mp5.mdl" "playermodel" "models/weapons/w_smg_mp5.mdl" "PlayerAnimationExtension" "mp5" "anim_prefix" "anim" "bucket" "0" "bucket_position" "0"

"clip_size" "30" "primary_ammo" "AMMO_BULLETS" "secondary_ammo" "None"

"weight" "25" "item_flags" "0"

// Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of 16 sounds per category (i.e. max 16 "single_shot" sounds) SoundData { //"reload" "Default.Reload" //"empty" "Default.ClipEmpty_Rifle" "single_shot" "Weapon_MP5Navy.Single" }

// Weapon Sprite data is loaded by the Client DLL. TextureData { "weapon" { "font" "WeaponIcons" "character" "a" } "weapon_s" { "font" "WeaponIconsSelected" "character" "a" } "ammo" { "font" "WeaponIcons" "character" "r" } "crosshair" { "file" "sprites/crosshairs" "x" "0" "y" "48" "width" "24" "height" "24" } "autoaim" { "file" "sprites/crosshairs" "x" "0" "y" "48" "width" "24" "height" "24" } } ModelBounds { Viewmodel { Mins "-10 -4 -13" Maxs "21 9 -1" } World { Mins "-10 -7 -6" Maxs "22 8 9" } } } is it possible to add new weapons with a file like that?

contact me via ICQ 249-643-440 Xfire heavygunnerolli


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#2 13 years ago

oh sry, i didn't read the turtorial good enough ^^ so, i must correct my questions: 1. With wich edtior can i edit .mdl files? 2. A mistake appears when I want to use the .mdl file from dod.why?



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#3 13 years ago

.mdl file from dod? Day of Defeat? And you can just search a model editor for HL2 with google.


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#4 13 years ago

k, thx :lol:

i mean dod:s