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11th January 2003

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I am starting to build a comprehensive, well-organized mod team and I am starting with one vacancy for the team concept/graphic artist and one vacancy for a modeler that is skilled at player character modeling/animating. The rest of the team (coders, modelers, mappers, artists, web) will be recruited after these two positions are filled and solidified. The entire project will be completed in this manner, building stage upon successfully completed stage.

To make a very long story short, I headed up a development team for nearly a year and a half, building a game using the Torque engine. The graphic artist we had was excellent and surpassed my every expectation. Our achilles heel was employing a reliable and talented player modeler. I do not intend to allow this to happen again.

This link will provide you with a small sample of the art work already completed. All work displayed here is copyright protected.

Most of the artwork shown is outdated and based on the 7.2 version of the C3 (command-control-communication) design document. The most recent artwork is based on the most recent design doc, the 8.3 version.

All artists on the C3 team will work from exhaustively detailed text documents and work in an progressive fashion, completing one scheduled task before taking on the next in line. Further, all artists on the team will have 100% creative input prior to the "omega" version of each art asset, that being the version going into the alpha build of the mod. I've found that this approach limits endless revisions and bickering among departments of a mod team.

This is the real thing, guys. No flaking out, no bullshit. Only the most skilled and most reliable applicants will be considered. This mod will be completed and will, frankly, kick ass.

I ask only that you be, at a minimum, 18 years of age and willing to complete tasks you accept. If you want to surround yourself with a professionally-run team and like-minded individuals, look no further. I seem to have a knack for attracting those types to projects.

Please peruse the samples and, if you feel you can meet or exceed that level of skill, contact me at [email][/email] with samples, art background, and why you want to build a HL2 mod.

If you are not an artist or modeler, but are skilled at coding, webpage construction/management, or mapping, please feel free to contact me as well. After establishing the art department, the lead programmer will be the next phase for the C3 recruitment drive.

Good Luck!


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#2 16 years ago

i am a concept artist if u want me email at [email][/email] also i would like more info if u are not interested email to tell me.