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#1 13 years ago

Hey everybody, as you may or may not know (for those of you who can't read the title), Pongsource v0.7 has been released. What is Pongsource? Pong as you all know was a simple video game based on ping pong.

Then many years later when video games had got a lot better graphically, a team of modders took the idea of Pong and put it in to the Quake universe. Instead of two paddles, there was two teams with the ingenious addition of weapons. The idea was still the same, get the ball into the "goal" but now you could hit the Ball with weapons. The bigger the gun, the ferther and faster the ball traveled. It was fun.

But things change and in less years than it took to get from the original Pong to Quake graphics, games have changed graphically again, to what they are now.

It's the funnest mod I have ever played. Although it's not a total conversion mod, one might say that they got just enough done to have fun. While they are working on new modes of play, the game is really fun in it's current release and only promises to be more exciting. In v0.7 they introduced NWD, which stands for No Weapon Damage (this is a server side option, there are regular modes of play). This may sound unexciting to those of you who are interested in deathmatch style play (you can still kill people with gibs!!) but for those enthusiasts who want a more pong feel (or just care to see 20 rockets chasing after 1 ball), this is a very exciting mode of play. Anyway, here's the URL http://www.clan-server.co.uk/pongsource/ Thanks, and have a kick-:moon: day!


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17th April 2005

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#2 13 years ago

its a good mod but it was laggy id give it a 8/10 in my personall rate:rock: DIE FOR Being SO LAGGY :saber:



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#3 13 years ago

I give it a lock for spamming. :lock: