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#1 16 years ago

Ther comes a time in every half lifers day when they think wow i just thought of a gr8 mod but what the hell do i know about modding. Today thats me. I have an idea for a SP/MP mod based on a team like that of Half Life that go to the alien realms funded by Dr Kliener to examin the creatures like he did with Lemar. There will be intricate maps of the alien world as well as rival teams (possibly invading combine) which will lead to MP modes. Set after HL2: All the beasties from HL2 return plus some yet to be seen. I have done a number of concept sketches of new creatures but would like an artist to work on the technical stuff like vehicles n equipment. If there is anyone with any of the skills needed to mod that would like to hear the full concept please contact me.