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#1 16 years ago

I know there are many threads about mods recruiting these days, but this mod is different. This mod is an MMORPG. In the year 2040, when the world was becoming very over populated, the UWG (United World Government) called for all prisoners to be moved to The Pearls. The Pearls is a series of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The islands used to be a testing facility for new and advanced weapons. The Pearls were taken over by the new Soviets in the year 2017, and have been abandoned since then. Once a suspect is found guilty of any charge resulting in a 10 year sentence or up they are thrown on this island for life. On this island they have to fight for there survival. Once every week planes fly over the islands and drop supplies at a drop zone. After years of prisoners being thrown on this island many have managed to smuggle in weapons and create new ones from the left over technologies and supplies. There were 3 alliances formed many years after people began to get dropped. These alliances were: The Elite, The Red Army, and The Advanced. They are all equal in power and have been fighting ever sinceā€¦ to join please visit our site