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24th December 2004

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Project Conquest breaks the mold for modern First Person Shooters. This hybrid between an FPS and RTS set in an alternate future where intergalactic space travel is possible. After landing, on a newly discovered inhabitable planet with an atmosphere similar to the tropical forests of Earth, The Marines are bombarded by an Alien race who refer to themselves as The Rass`Tai, a race buried in tradition and religion who have refused contact with other races for thousands of years. In Project Conquest you can take the role of either an elite Marine, destroying the Rass`Tai in a battle for survival of the fittest, or a proud member of the Rass`Tai Battle Squadron, defending their home planet against the evil invasion. However, this is where Project Conquest strays from the normal FPS formula, one member of each team will be able to become the Squad Leader allowing you to build up a base and lead your team to victory. Project Conquest has revealed its first media update; a level from one of our designers, Slinkey. water_23871.gif water_23870.gif water_23868.jpg water_23869.gif PCQ_Temple will be part of the "Survival" game mode, where the Rass`Tai must hold off the Marine onslaught for a set time. If the main base is destroyed the Marines are victorious but if the Rass`Tai can hold up till reinforcements arrive then they shall prove triumphant. -------------------- RECRUITMENT ------------------- ----- Coding ----- We currently have a coder but are still looking if another is interested ----- Modelling ----- One of our most needed positions, we currently have 0 modellers and desperately need them ----- Mapping ----- Our 2 mapping positions are currently full, when work increases we could possibly look for further mappers ----- Texturing ----- Another one of our needed positions, we are lacking in this department and hope that someone can come forward soon ----- Concept Art ----- We have had troule with our concept artist recently and therefore, could really use a more competent/active artist. ------------------------------------------ Related Links ----------------------------------------- Official Website Forums Mod Profile