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10th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

A new generation of Mods are coming and at Hull Breach we'd like to think that we are at the forefront of the crowd. With Nuclear Dawn wowing audiences with their team of professional's we like to think it's our game that will hopefully pull the crowds with unique gameplay and atmosphere by the truck load.

The Game PHB was originally inspired by 3Dmark 2003's 'Battle of Proxycon' and the recent Battlestar Galactica mini series. PHB will feature a unique method of player persistence, bypassing the usual costs involved and passing them on to the server administrators. An emphasis on realism (as so far as one can in Sci-Fi) will definitely be a focus with Iron Sights, a slower pace and encouraged team based tactics. Featuring space suits, air craft style Huds, Magnetic boots, intertwined 1G/Zero-G environments, a brand new twist on Last Man Standing, Minority Report style recon bots, persistent character skill trees and much more than I'd care to go into or I'll bore you all to tears.

The Project We started this project with emphasis on the community helping design the project, breaking down the features that people liked and looking at how we could improve on them. Although we still encourage design participation within our forums, we now operate a fairly closed approach to the development and are about to implement a Work Management System (similar to ND's) that will allow us to properly plan every element of the game from concept to implementation.

Our development approach is departmental, each one being run by a proven team lead. We recently acquired Ukitakumuki (ex-Nuclear Dawn artist) who is now the Art and Design department team lead and is creating an inspired and quite retro look to our vision of the far future. We are also pleased to have a professional record label 'Avionix Records' creating both our sounds and music so we expect a seriously impressive audio ear bleeding edge to the game. With some famous contacts within the music industry, we have been told to expect a few guest tracks slipped into the final builds.

Community Management One of our main aims with Hull Breach is to maintain some control over the community, we aim to release each version of the mod with a PHP based Community Management System that will allow server administrators to run both a site portal and a game server. With a view to having server character persistence within Hull Breach the long term aim of this system will involve Site to Server Communication allowing Sign Ups, Character creation, Clan management, rankings, stats, league results, the full nine yards. Of course server administrators will be able to run non-persistent servers like other mods. All bandwidth costs of course will be down to the company / group that use our system but here's where it gets really fun. Rather than needing an extremely costly system such as America’s Army use where every sign up is done through one site, each Community will have the option to communicate with the main hull breach site, overall statistics on the hull breach community will be passed onto our main site allowing us an overview of all 'official' HB servers and there happenings as well as the possibility of intercommunity clan wars (one community versus another) and all within reasonable bandwidth costs.

The Site I must admit that with so much focus on the development our website currently reflects a fairly dated outlook of the game and is currently being re-vamped to portray a more professional look and features that will allow the public to keep an eye on our progress.


Here's a few glimpses of some older work to wet your taste buds, a mix of mood setters, concept work and models.













Recruiting We are looking for a few members to help the project progress, first and foremost we are here to have fun, every member of our core team have jobs so we understand if time is short. We are looking for individuals with any of the below skills..

  • 1 experienced C++ Coder
  • 3D Modellers and Skinners
  • 3D Animators
  • Sci-Fi Artists
  • War Historians / Writers

If you'd like to get involved then please drop us a line at: [email=""][/email]

If you feel you can contribute in other ways then please let me know :)

Thanks for reading

Sloth HullBreach Public Relations Manager



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4th July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

thats some nice stuff in the post - going to check out your website now :)