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#1 16 years ago

Hi everyone, Project Lilith, a mod originally for Farcry, has decided to move to the Source engine as we all think it will be better for our mod. This mod has been around since about March 2004. We have most concept art and weapon models completed, and since were moving we will need new maps, scripts etc. A disadvantage of us moving is we lost some members so will we need new ones.

We are looking for: 2x Character Modelers 2x Vehicle Modelers 1x Weapon Modeler 3x Animators 2x Scripters 2x 2d Artists 3x Mappers 2 x Sound Engineers

We are looking for a fairly large team, that is because if it all goes well and the mod is a hit i am thinking of buying Source and distributing the mod as a game.

Information about the mod can be found here.

If anyone is interested, please post a application here or email me at [email=""] [/email]

Thankyou all for your time -dt13


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#2 16 years ago

Hello dt13.

Welcome to the forums and the Source engine. :)

I'm azzkiker, moderator of these forums and founder/site admin of where I have posted a news article about your mod over here:

Please do keep me updated via e-mail of your mods news/file releases via mail and I will post them for you on the site.

Good luck with the mod and I believe you have taken a correct move. :)



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#3 16 years ago



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#4 16 years ago

Update at, a few weapons and plenty of concept art. It can be found here