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#1 11 years ago

We are currently looking for people to fill our open positions.

Team Leader: GenGrimm



Voice Actor: thecowninja?




Writer: Comrade Scar., Blooregardo, Roon [FULL, Though all Team member inputs will be taken Seriously]

Music: Blooregardo

~~~ Project: Sigma is seeking to create a Module for Half-Life 2, which tells the story of Corporal Adrian Shephard, the main character of Half-life: Opposing force. Basic concept is that Shephard re-entered the known time-space continum by chance (Or perhaps Fate). He enters the play before Gordon does, but he doesn't begin his part till just before Gordon and Alyx are traped in a slow teleport. Shephard will be joined by a AI compainion known as Sigma. As to Sigmas usefullness to Shephard that is still left to design.

We are seeking Motivated people that wish to see the first Module staring Shephard to come to fruition.

You may apply here.

I am teaching myself to use the Hammer Editor, but we could greatly use a experienced Mapper so that we may begin making basic maps.