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#1 15 years ago

I am the Public Relations representative for the HL2 mod "Leave No Man Behind". LNMB currently has a couple developement slots open. They are:

Prop Modelers Texture\Skin Artists Animators Player Modelers Sound Artists

One of each will do, however more is welcome.

LNMB is a mulitiplayer mod that is based off of "Operation Gothic Serpent" which was a US military operation in Mogadishu, Somalia involving US Army Rangers, Delta Force and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment(SOAR), the Somali Habr Gidr Clan Militia(Somali Nation Alliance) and Somali civilians. If you have seen the movie "Black Hawk Down" you know what I am talking about. Players will choose to play as either an American Soldier or a Somali Militant. The mod strives for a high level of realism without sacrificing enjoyable gameplay. There are two main factors that make LNMB unique. The first is that the two teams will have tons of differences between them. One example is that the American team will be aided by AI helicopter support while the Somali team will be aided by AI Somali civilians. Another example is that Somalis respawn instantly with multiple respawn points to chose from, while the Americans have to wait a 15 second respawn time and they only respawn in one area. Also, TFR soldiers are broken up into classes(Rifleman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner, Medic, Sniper, etc) with a specific loadout for each class and limits on how many of each there is. The SNA does not have any classes, instead they have the freedom to completely customize their loadout(AK's, M16's, RPG7's, RPK's, PK's, SVD's etc). The other unique aspect of LNMB is the health system it will use. In a nutshell, you will no longer get killed by getting shot in the foot with a pistol, and of course, you will no longer be able to kill somebody by shooting them in the foot.

If anybody is interested in becoming a Prop Modeler, Texture\Skin Artist, Animator, Sound Artist or Player Modeler reply to this topic.

Thank you.

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#2 15 years ago

have you got a website... i love BHD!! and i am a mapper for source... plz keep me posted!!


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#3 13 years ago

i want to play just mulitiplayer games like so i can play it al over the world plz thank you very much