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30th May 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Main Story:

U.N.S.A just "found out" that on of their main headquarters, on Europa that something happened to the crew. U.N.S.A. hired an elite marine team to check things out. As soon as they were reaching Mars, their Hawkin was shot down by the defense grid. With the pilot severely wounded, and the mechanic dead the only choice they had was to go in. The hanger doors opened, and Viper Squadron went in. The power fluxurated as soon as the hanger doors closed and locked. The power failed and all that was heard was the screaming of your comrades and the screeching of an unknown intenty. The power came on and there were 3 bodes there, torn to bits, but 2 other marines were missing.


Evil Reincarnated is a FPS horror game. Players will be Thomas Jakob, a marine stranded on Europa in the U.N.S.A. main Headquarters. The player will have to fight to survive, and find allies that somehow were resistant to the attack. They do play a crutral part in the game, and if the player kills them, well its gona be harder.

Online Gametypes of Evil Reincarnated:

- Co-Op: (2-4 players) Play the campaign with your friends!

- Deathmatch: (2-32 players) Frag your friends, or enemies! (If DM maps are outside, there are vehicles)

- Team Deathmatch: (2-32 players) Team up with your friends for glory! (If DM maps are outside, there are vehicles)

- One Flag Capture The Flag: (2-32 players) The flag is in the middle of the map. Try to take it back to your base before your opponents do! (If CTF maps are outside, there are vehicles)

- Zombie: (3-32 players) First one dead is a Zombie. Zombies have chainsaws. So watch out, when it kills you, your a zombie too! (If DM maps are outside, there are vehicles)

- Demonic Invasion: (2-32 players) Fight off the hordes of demons and zombies! (If DM maps are outside, there are vehicles)

Weapons of Evil Reincarnated:

- Flashlight: Just your basic everyday flashlight. Nothing special to see here.

- Ionized Plasma Levitator: A weapon fresh from U.N.S.A.'s lab. It can fling anything near by, may it be a projectile, or on the ground at anything by using Plasma. The Plasma charge does not last long, but it automatically recharges. It has a built in device to enshroud the user in a Plasma bubble to protect him/her from harm.

- Pistol: Your standard weapon. Given by U.N.S.A. for protection, it can fire normally, or fire three bullets in a shout burst.

- Machine Gun: This Machine Gun is the latest in the U.N.S.A.'s arsenal. It comes with an optional scope, or directly linked to your helmet for even more precise shooting. The Machine Gun also doubles as a Sniper Rifle.

- Shotgun: Good for clearing out rooms in a hurry, this shotgun can carry explosive rounds. The rounds penetrate the the target, then explode, causing additional damage.

- Double Barrel Shotgun: This weapon would make any hunter happy. When fired, the barrels retract into the gun. Has an Auto Pump feature, which make the barrels fire, retract into the gun, and fire again, faster than it normally would.

- Plasma Gun: The Portable Plasma Rifle was invented in 2142 by researchers from U.N.S.A. for use of the Military. It fires blue and red balls of plasma. The blue plasma, is the coolest and the weakest, but causes no stress to the gun. The red plasma, is the hottest, and the strongest. It uses over twice the amount of plasma as the blue, and requires a longer cool down.

- Chain Gun: Big, bulky, and strong. This behemoth comes in at almost 70 lbs. It has two different speeds. Normal speed fires a good quality of bullets with resinable accurateness. The Hyper speed fires loads of bullets, with very little accurateness. Your choice.

- Flamer: Good for people who want their enemies crispy. It fires ignited propane at a steady pace. It can also build up the propane, creating a ball of fire.

- Rocket Launcher: The rocket launcher is the most likely weapon that you could kill yourself with. Lock on rockets are optional, and highly recommended.

- Dark Matter Gun: The Dark Matter Gun is a highly experimental gun, with a lot of bugs in its system. It is the first gun in history to use Dark Matter. The gun can overload very easily, causing it to explode. The Dark Matter will dissolve any organic material, and badly damage metal.

- Chainsaw: This is not your ordinary Chainsaw. It was designed for combat use, and has 3 blades. The Middle blade lashes out and constricts the victim, reeling him/her to the other two blades, causing instant death.

- Frag Grenade: An explosive, capsule like grenade. Be careful where you throw it, it may come rolling to your feet.

- Flashbang Grenade: A blinding and defining capsule like grenade. It flashes a bright light, blinding the victims, while the high pitched sound deafens them.

Demons of Evil Reincarnated

- Nebri

- Agnu

- Demguard

- Sencri

- Ligarii

- Gargath

- Unithi

Different Homes for Evil Reincarnated:

UT2k4: Some documentation done, friend of mine told me to wate for UT3 and make it for UT3

UT3: Most documentation done, very few scriptors if any.

HL2: Its recent home. Mappers plentiful, and so are scriptors.

Completed Stuff:

Weapon Design Documentation

Demon Design Documentation

Gametype Design Documentation

Weapon Sounds

Work-In-Progress Stuff:

Weapon Models

Demon Comsept Art

Ambeonic Sound

Demon Sound

Vehicle Design Documentation

Need To Be Started Stuff:

Boss Design Documentation


And more I cant think of

I did all of the sound, and most of the Design Documentations.

My Position in Evil Reincarnated: Sound


Idea Creator

I am looking for:


Texture Artists



Idea Creators

Links and Contact:

Jagged Edge Website

Jagged Edge Forum

Jagged Edge's ModDB Page

Evil Reincarnated's ModDB Page

You may contact me at: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


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28th December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

Sounds impressive, and idea creators??? hmmmm...

Lord Vipes

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30th May 2007

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#3 11 years ago

Just people that can think up some good stuff.

Lord Vipes

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30th May 2007

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#4 11 years ago

I will be away for a while, writeing the story. Since im most conferable when im writeing, and im good at it too.

Expect to hear from me again in 3 to 6 months.

The First Evil Reincarnated that will be releced, will only have Storymode and Zombie. Others may be added during patches. There will hopefully be 10 vehicles, 5 for the Humans, and 5 for the Demons.

DavionTake a small chunk of what you have and concentrate on that; put all the rest off to the side. It's hard but you've got to bite the bullet and maybe only have Demonic Invasion, two guns, one demon model and a vehicle, but it's easier to swallow and won't take you two years to do in your spare time.

Thats what Im hopeing to do first. I have chosen the two guns, The machine gun and the Ionized Plasma Levitator. The demon that will be is Nebri, and the vehicle that will be available is the Skimmer. My Demon Consept Artist is working on Nebri, and my moddler is working on the Machine gun and the IPL.

I was hopeing to do something like that. But in the first post, I was just posting what I hope will be in when the whole experience is over.

Hopefuly when my consept artist is done with Nebri, someone can model him, skin him and rig him (well not the same person, i hope) Then if he is good with vehicles, my consept artist will work on the Skimmer, and the main player. I will "try" to import one of my UT2k4 maps into Hammer... let's see how that goes.