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8th November 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ronin::HL2 Mod

A New Mod for Half-life 2 is in development, and is sure to make you wet Your Pants!!

If you have Talent Email me or Sign up on our forums

Site []Email[/email]

Help Wanted!


-- Modelers -- Concept Artists -- Programs -- Material Makers -- Mapers -- Coders

If you think you can Contribute By Making this Mod a Success and Are dedicated For such a Noble Cause Then by all means Sign up for a part

Location: Tokyo,Japan Time of year: autum Storyline: About a Japanese hitman/assain who lost his memory

He gets a letter under his door for instructions for him to kill Someone who is head of a major company

He ends up Not killing him because he has a flash back about him and faints

"henchmen" of this person are called out to find him and kill him to end what he started along time ago

8 "Loyals" are battled throughout the Game and 1 main boss

by the Middle of the game he regains his memory and Remembers that His wife and Partner were Killed by the main guy

So he seeks out Revenge and Goes through "hell" and back to settle the Deed

Multiplayer: the specialist Type gameplay/Deathmatch Offical Multiplayer Maps will include Modified single player Maps