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27th May 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello, im the coleader from the Savage Defiance mod. I also do models, maps, and a little bit of coding (im really just starting to teach myself this, so we need a true coder). Anyway, its a singleplayer/multiplayer semi-futuristic mod, based mostly on the singleplayer missions. Here's a list of some features we have planned. 1. Melee attacks, with most weapons (ie press q to swing the butt of your gun at them, pistol whip them, or kick them, depending on the gun you have) and the ability to use your fists if you lose all your weapons. 2. Vehicles - So far i have the quad model 75% done, it needs detailing and animating (which i cant seem to make work). We also have a humvee model about 80% done (also needs animating and some details) We would like to implement passengers and gunners for most vehicles for multiplayer purposes, and try to fix the vehicle code for online if possible so its less choppy. 3. Currency system - with ability to gain money by picking up a certain object (ie a wallet found) and by completing a certain job for someone. 4. Disguise system - basically a variety of 'hev' suits that have different functions and prevent or cause certain people to shoot at you. 5. Objective based multiplayer - one team defends an objective while the other tires to bomb/steal & bring home/hack/sabotage the objective. 6. ability to drop any weapon (while still using the hl2 system of carrying more than one per slot, although we may want to limit it to 3 or so) and having to press E to pick anything up (so you can save something for later even if you accidentaly walk over it). thats about all i can say without revealing too much of the story, try not to be too scared of the demands because they are still somewhat flexible, and there is no strict deadline to put pressure on you. if you cant do all of them we'll still give you a shot at what you can do. for the skinners, we just need our weapons and vehicles skinned. we have modelers but our attempts at skinning are bad at best, so we need someone who is good at that. We also need character modelers and skinners, and will accept 1-2 more mappers to help out our current ones. for more info, please visit our site and forums at you can also email us at [email=""][/email] or me directly at [email=""][/email] feel free to contact me on any of the messengers (check my profile or i believe its at the top of the post)