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#1 16 years ago

After a couple of months working out the basis and gameplay details we have just launched the website of our mod Second Genesis, and now we are seeking dedicated people to add to the team. For those unfamiliar here is a basic overview and what we seek to accomplish.

[indent]Second Genesis is a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 that combines team oriented class based first person combat with RTS concepts such as resource management, research/upgrades, and structures along with the ability to capture and control special areas that provide an assortment of advantages. Unlike an RTS though, there are no commanders and it is instead up to the squad to organize and mobilize themselves, seeking out what they believe is necessary to achieve victory against the opposing faction. We hope to create a setting in which not only FPS skills are needed but strategy, tactics, and teamwork are necessary for victory.[/indent] Anyone who wishes to find out more about the mod or wants full details on applying for the team should visit our website