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#1 16 years ago

I'm a collaborator of a mod called "The last citizen" is based in resident evil, and we started to developed it 10 months ago, it's a serious proyect. check this out if you want:

is our web page, now we are recruiting people to complete the mod faster (and better) The mod will be in source altough we're doing a small introduction for hl. we need a modeller/skinner/animator capable of creating models textures from the void. Knowledge of UV Mapping coords or/and Capable of animating HL models (weapons, NPCs and objects). It doesn't matter the program you do use if it can export SMD or simillar file formats.we also need a mapper Rather skilled (you must show previous examples, and, if possible, send compiled and runnable maps, mainly for HL). You must be capable of creating scripted sequences and high detailed maps. Preferibly if you know how to map for Spirit of Half-Life and/or Source. We're all from Spain, but don't have problems with English, our goal is to make international our proyect. If you are interested to join us or just help us, and think that you are good enough, please send me an email to [email=""][/email] or contact with the team leader on the web forums. Thank you. ;)