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25th September 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I just got smod tactical, and like with most mods, I customize it alot. A very strange thing happened that I have nvery seen I was replacing models (ie; I wanted the helicopter model from delta 4 to be my gunship model) so I went, renamed the file (with proper spelling) and put them in the folder. Now, when I went to go play the game and test it, the gunship did not appear, and in the console and had an infinite amount of messages that looked like "models combine_helicpter.mdl vertex invalid checksum, should be 1553443" or pretty close to that, that messge just repeated like 100 times per second.

So I went back as I thought I had renamed something wrong, nothing was rong, I had all the files named properly. The same error also came up when I tried to swap the combine_soldier model for the combine_soldier_prisonguard. (switched file names) and the strange thing is, I had kept the gunship files untouchedand when I went to use the combine_helicopter model from delta4 for for the normal helicopter as well as the gunship, I no longer got the error. (used same models for 2 different aircraft)

now, here's the problem, I want to use valve's helicpter model for the basic helicopter and want the helicopter from delta 4 to be the gunship, but it is not working out. Help is VERY much appritiated.