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Press Release : May 3, 2006 Sonic Valley Productions announces expansion. Best known for the sound design work done on the recently released The Hidden - Source B3 and the still in progress Iron Grip : The Oppression, Sonic Valley Productions has announced an opening of their doors to other audio gurus. The announcement comes as Wayne Ashby, aka NoiseKraft, signs on as music composer and sound designer. Wayne is still in production with the BF2 mod Shattered Faith but has been also working on Iron Grip in an effort to get the mod out. Sonic Valley founder, Vance Dylan says "This year I'm starting something new with Sonic Valley and adding a few more talented people to the mix. With composers, sound designers, programmers and people implementing audio all working on one project, we can improve the audio experience on so many levels. It's also to give those brilliant lone wolf sound designers a place to collaborate". Future projects in planning include continuing sound design and music for mods, music and sound fx packs, new tool sets and programs for getting sound in game. Related Links Sonic Valley Productions :