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#1 16 years ago

Special Operations Group is in need of assistance. We are currently seeking team members who are dedicated enough to stick out the long process of designing a great mod. Special Operations Group or (SOG) is an elite force from the greatest military ground force ever established on the planet. Team Members will be listed as "On Extended Leave" once joining SOG. SOG members are throw into the fray of some of the most politcally touchy areas of the world where govt accountability would mean certain embarassment for the U.S. govt. You are a member of an elite unit that is deployed to hot spots all over the world. You are better trained than any crack commando unit that the US has in its arsenal. You will see time in many countries ranging from Afghanistan, Iraq,Chechnya, EU countries,Russia. You will see combat on vast terrain types ranging from taiga,desert,tundra,urban,arctic,water. You will pilot some of the most extreme aircraft that the worlds armies have. You will pit yourself against foes such as unfriendly nations such as North Korea, Iran. You will stalk Extremists and the like. You will participate in hostage rescues,drug interdiction,nuclear material recovery,stopping terrorist operations in planning and so on. If you have what it takes, if you are the best of the best. Then Join SOG for a no holds barred look at current world wide military scenarios and future implications from rogue nations and entities.

Special Operations Group is Looking for:

Level Designers Graphic Artists Musicians, Special Effects Coders ie... C++ and Graphics engine Coders 2D concept artists 3D Modelers proficient in Hammer also added bonuses would be Maya, XSI, 3ds Max and various other programs

All Modelers Please be ready to present a portfolio of their work to be looked at by the team before final selection is made.

Visit the website Special Operations Group http://www.specialopsgroup.net Contact: [email="doorstop1sog@yahoo.com"]doorstop1sog@yahoo.com[/email] [email="doorstop_@hotmail.com"]doorstop_@hotmail.com[/email] msn screenname [email="doorstop_@hotmail.com"]doorstop_@hotmail.com[/email]

Please if your looking to just post so that your posting rankings go up dont bother. Serious inquiries only. SOG is a dedicated team with aprox 12 members as of the moment. Please feel free to contact me at any of those address listed above if you have any questions that I cannot answer on the forum. Also game features and options will not be discussed outside of the team so please dont ask. SOG is an ambitious project with many new ideas and open to suggestions from the community. SOG is also being supplied with technical data from 2 military contractors of world wide proportions which cannot be named in public. Special Operations Groups core team is mainly comprised of ex-military members such as myself with 10 yrs of SPEC OPs experience. We bring alot to the table as far as realism is concerned. Also SOG is being supplied by 2 world wide Defense Contractors who cannot be named in public due to our negotiations with them. SOG is a promising mod with a world of potential. Join Today http://www.specialopsgroup.net CIF.jpg


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#2 16 years ago

"2-D Designer Level 1 SOG is looking for a 2-D level and web designer to join the team, this person must me able to work on there own and be a self starter."

im a graphic designer and i am interested in joining, i added u to my msn so i hope to speak to u soon