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#1 16 years ago

Hello, I am the Co-Leader of the TO Developement Team (Chief Modeller). We are currently accepting applications/registrations for our mod team. We are looking for Modders, Mappers, Animations, Scriptors and Coders. We are accepting applications regardless of skill. Although we are still hoping that you have basic skills in the required fields such as: Modellers - A basic knowledge of 3Ds Max, Maya 6 and/or XSI. Mappers - A intermediate knowledge of Hammer Map editor. Scriptors + Coders - A basic/intermediate knowledge in the required field Animators - A basic knowledge of animation Web Designers - A intermediate knowledge of PHP and MySQL. **All require you to be interested in the field and be willing to work hard. **If you want a different placement to one of the above stated please contact me via the contact details below as we are open to ideas. Tactical ops is a Swat Mod based in the near future of 2049AD. It focuses on teamplay and skill in a variety of combat simulations such as hostage rescue, elimination and others. We are hoping to get around 10+ Members to our developement team which will get us moving at a good pace and hopefully getting the mod into beta as soon as possible, which wont be hard once we have a solid, good working team of developers. We are also looking for people to help come up with ideas, different aspects and concepts of the game (dont post them here, id rather you contacted me so you could tell me them then). If you are interested please either leave a reply in this thread or contact me via e-mail or msn at [email="weezingdonkey_2002@hotmail.com"]weezingdonkey_2002@hotmail.com[/email] -Thank you for reading and i hope to hear from you soon. -HoBo


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#2 16 years ago

Tactical ops = Unsuccessful rip off of Couner Strike (of course, me being an ignorant about such stuff, I bought it :o )


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#3 16 years ago

shame for you that your wrong. have you played counterstrike.....teambased my ass. thats why we want to make a mod, to stop all these noobs and make the game alot more stealthy and such. Just so you know, Tactical Ops is a temporary name.