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#1 16 years ago

I need A team manager + team to help me build a half life 2 mod i have a good story figured + idea but i dont have the know how to put it together. I am a college student and unlike some of the other posts this is gonna be a pretty laid back thing (with hopefully good results) also if u havent had much experiance u can join and we can learn as the thing goes on. I am also looking for a band on musician that can play punk heavy metal ska and crap like that for backing music (dont need to sing) preferably Rage, or System if you dont know who these are never ever talk to me (unless your a very good modder, and make a good cup of tea) If your interested post or email me at [email=""][/email] If you are uptight or an asswhole do not apply THIS IS A MULTIPLAYER BASED MOD !!