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#1 13 years ago

Tears of War is not a Half-Life 2 mod, but a tribute to those that served in Vietnam and to those never to come home and see their families again. This mod is the true story of one mans tour of duty in the war this country would like to forget. It is dedicated to all Veterans and to anyone who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America. Basic Mod Information: This mod is a First Person Shooter set in the Vietnam War. In the single player aspect of the game you will follow one mans true story in the Vietnam War. Everything will be told in single player to the greatest of accuracy as possible. There is no specific art style used in this mod, as seen in others, it will just try to capture the true, realistic feel of combat in Vietnam. Multiplayer is still being debated upon, but I would like to believe we are going to create a Battlefield style game play, but will the same realistic feel to it. We are to include vehicle in game play, and maps will be massive for players to roam and conquer flags with you brothers in war. Mod Team: We are currently in need of a few more staff members to fill some holes in our development team. We are looking for anyone experienced in developing or someone with skill in a certain area looking to break into the modding community. You do not need to be proficient in all areas to apply. The following areas are where we need a few more staff members…

  • Modeling – We are in need of someone that has skills and/or experience in the area of 3D modeling. They need to be able to model characters, weapons, and/or props. It would also be great, but not necessary to be able to implement the models into the Source engine.
  • Animator – An animator should be able to rig and animate player, weapons, and/or props for the Source engine.
  • 2D Artist/Textures – Anyone applying in this field should be able to create textures for weapons, characters, props, and/or maps. Also we are in need of a concept or promotional artist.
  • Sound – A sound artist is responsible for the creation of vocals, effects, ambient sound, music, environment noise, weapons sounds, and/or miscellaneous sound effects (Menus, GUI sounds). If you are capable of composing music we could use for this game you can also apply for this position.
  • Mapping – Development team Mappers are responsible for creation of all areas and environments in Tears of War. They should be able to work from everything from their own ideas, to concept images of a certain area. Ideally Mappers should be able to create and work from plans for an environment.
  • Coder – Coders should be experienced and/or skilled in coding for the Source engine. They should be able to manipulate, create, and modify code for the engine and have an idea of what they are doing.

Applicants for all positions should have previous experience working with either the Half-Life or Source engine or tools; however this is not essential to apply or be accepted as a team member. All applications should be made to [email="Camp3rVirus@Rob-Cary.com"]Camp3rVirus@Rob-Cary.com[/email] with the subject "ToW Dev Team Application". The position you are applying for should be clearly stated at the top of the e-mail. All applications should provide detailed examples of previous work, either in the form of links to an external site or as attachments to the application e-mail. Applications are open until otherwise stated. Thank you for taking you time to read this, and good luck to anyone who applies. Thanks, Rob Cary Camp3rVirus