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26th August 2005

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Mod Name: The Collective: Act One Mod Engine: Source Engine Mod Modes: Single Player & Multiplayer Mod Site: Mod Forum: Mod Email: [email=""][/email] Mod Leader: Maverick Mod Leader Email: [email=""][/email] Production Team: Xerobound Development The Collective: Act One is a Half-Life 2 Full Conversion modification for the Source Engine set in a futuristic science fiction world. It is based around the war between two superpowers of the known universe: the Collective and the Titan. More information available on the website. The Single Player features two storylines on the same timeline. One following the Centurion, the other following the Titan, giving the player a choice between which side he/she wishes to play. More information available on the website. The Multiplayer features four different gametypes including Battlefield, Skirmish, Siege, and Story. You can play as either the Centurion Collective or the Titan Militia. Before you spawn, you will choose a class. Each team has four different but relatively the same classes which will determine your weapons, equipment, and armor. The Centurion classes have plasma weaponry while the Titan's use projectile. More information available on the website. We are currently looking for:

  • Coder
  • Mapper
  • Weapon Modeller
  • Player Modeller
  • Prop Modeller
  • Writer
  • Concept Artist
  • Texture Artist/Skinner
  • Voice Actors
  • Beta Testors
  • Forum Moderators

To join the team, visit our website, email [email=""][/email], PM me, or reply your application and what position(s) you want. The website is up and running, I will be updating it regularly with news, downloads, media, and other information. -Xerobound