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14th February 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello, I am SgtJman the leader of The Corporation mod for HL2. The vague story of The Corporation is: In the year 2010, Islamic Extremists strike hard on the modern world, And the free world is crushed. The governments of North America, Australia, Russia and China go into lock down; nobody can enter or exit the countries. In 2021 a new government takes over the crippled economy of America, they rebuild and police the country, they are known as “The Corporation”, anybody suspected of terrorism are killed. You are Karl Hagens, a journalist from the world of tomorrow (2080). You're latest assignment requires you to write an article on "The Corporation’s" actions. Unfortunately your political views stir up commotion and obtains "The Corporations" undivided attention. What's the worst they could do? to visit our website click here We need people for the following positions: Mapper The Corporation Team is in need of a new mapper or mappers. We need a mapper to be able to create one or more of the following areas: • Outdoors city • Outdoors country • Indoors hospital • Inside and Outside of a 747 aircraft Weapons modeller We need a weapons modeller to model us some hands and several weapons. Experience is preferred, but this is a simple job because Counter Strike: Source has most of the models, they just need to be edited slightly Character Modeller We need a person who can make character models, as the weapon modeller this job can be simple if existing models are edited. If you have interest in any of these areas or believe yo would be an asset to the team please send an email to: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]