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#1 12 years ago

Here's Our Site: http://blue.freepgs.com/index.html

And Here's our Site Forum: http://blue.freepgs.com/phpBB2/index.php

The Story: In a place far from Earth's reach, a technology superior alien species sends half of their population to a planet to research it to figure out if its inhabitable, they need the resources. Their numbers are limited do to the resource shortage. When the aliens land, they do they're tests and research, and stay there for 2 weeks. At this point a majority of alien researchers come under a bad fever, they decide to head back to the mother ship. They board their ship and go into cryogenic sleep chambers since the trip back is a month away. A week after leaving the planet, the aliens begin to change, in their slumber, they can do noting. Their skin color begins to change to a light gray, their skin starts to split, an infection is occurring. By the end of the month their ship is nearing the mother ship. By now the aliens that are returning from the planet are completely under come by the... virus. But in reality it is not a virus at all, it's a parasite, a parasite that plants itself in the brain of the host. The body looses it sense of control, the alien can no longer control it self. Now the only thing parasite wants to do is.. feed.

The game itself is going for a Multiplayer/Singleplayer FPS, with a class based Multiplayer system. We're in search of Modelers/Animators, Skinners, another mapper (one really isnt enough), Texture artist and Scriptors/Coders.

We've done a lot of concept art, and now we need to start making models and everything else. Our site has a lot to show and if you browse through our journals on our site you can find some extra work as well. Any questions? Please feel free to ask. My AIM sn is cell2k7. Thanks!



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#2 12 years ago

Sounds like it was influenced from the First Half life2 script, but nonetheless it sounds good , and would be very intresting to play if/when finished.