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#1 12 years ago

Rocket Ship


Step 1: While you can't yet steer this thing, you can ride it. Don't forget, you can alt+tab in and out of garry's mod to check the schematic.

Required Parts: (see link)

3 "Pipe 1" (Random Crap) 2 "Dock Pole" #2 (Useful Stuff) 1 "Pod" (Vehicles) 1 "Crab Canister 1" (Random Crap) 4 "Car Door" (Vehicles) 4+ "Thrusters" (Construction Options)

Step 2:

Line the 3 pipes up against the ground and a wall (see picture) and lock them in place with the physics gun.

Step 3:

Crawl inside and weld each pipe to its adjacent pipe.

Step 4: With the pipes welded together but still locked in place with the physics gun, place the two dock poles in place (see picture), lock them with the physics gun, and weld them to each pipe.

Step 5: With everything still locked in place with the physics gun, squeeze the pod in between the two poles inside the pipe (see picture), lock in place, and weld.

Step 6: Position Crab Canister in place with the physics gun (see picture), lock, and weld. (note: you can still get in the pod by looking through the crack between the canister and the tube.)

Step 7: Shoot (or mark in some way) the other end of the collective pipe (see picture). This will help you place the fins accurately.

Step 8: Using the easy-weld, click a car door exactly where you see the crossbow bolt emerging (see picture), then click the pipe on the side directly above the bullet hole (or other marking) made in step 7. Repeat this for the other 3 fins.

Step 9: Place thrusters set to 30,000 directly over each bullet hole (see picture). If you desire more power, symmetrically place more thrusters.

Step 10: If you care about seeing where you're going, experiment with the final setting of the camera placement under the camera option.

Step 11: "Material" the 3 tubes "shiny white" and "color" everything else at the 0 setting for red, green, and blue.

That's about it.



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#2 12 years ago

Moved to mods. Heh that's pretty cool! :) I have to try it.