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11th January 2004

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2nd Weekly Update [ 09/23/05 ] ::: Unveiling of inm_scale. The second Weekly Update for Incoming Source. This week is the unveiling of one of, if not our largest map to date. The map is called inm_scale and features plenty of land for both ground based combat along with vehicular warfare. The higher portions of the map contain the cliff side along with bridges to get from certain areas to others. Their is also a large cave between the two bases to supply an area for dark close quarters combat. When you are back outside, their is a very large beach underneath the cliffs, which will be used for the vehicles to get from base to base. The Contest We will be doing the first Incoming Source contest next week. We will be announcing it in the next weekly update (09/30/05) September 30th. The duration of the contest will last two weeks and will end on that Friday (another weekly update). The contest is heavily art-oriented. Hiring: We are still currently hiring as well if you are interested in joining the iSource development team. Positions currently availible: >>Mappers (3-4) --Must be experienced in the use of displacements along with creating city-environments with a natural feel. >>Player Animators (1-2) --Must be experienced with rigging the player model along with creating fluid organic animations. >>Concept Artists (2) --Must have the skills to create various different types of concepts, including: weapons / players / maps / actual scenes from the game / other So if you are interested in joining the iSource development team and have the skills required for any of the above positions (or any other position, never hesitate to ask) and have the quality that the iSource development team is known for, feel free to contact us: >>post a message on the Applications and Hiring forum. >>email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] >>ICQ: 54157633 >>AIM: Praz1187 >>MSN: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Also, I'd like to take a few minutes to answer some questions and concerns that I have been seeing around the internet lately. Basically a quick FAQ: Q: Why are you using M4a1's and mp5's in the year 2442? That doesn't make sense you wiener shnizzle! A.) Their are many reasons for this. One is due to the story with the shortage of resources and the military using both the newer weapons that the army has created and supplied for their soldiers along with old, but reliable weaponry from the past as added gun power. In the game, the player will have the option to choose a "type" of weapon in the weapon select menu. Lets say you want the Automatic Rifle that features full auto and single shot. The next menu after that would allow you too choose the model (example: m4a1 or XR8c). The weapons would act the same (same weapon codes) but will allow the player if they want to use a familiar weapon or one of our custom designed weapons. The best for both worlds. Q: You guys are a halo rip off. A. We hate you. No, we don't hate you. We just need to release more of the facts so people understand before assume. This information is on our website, but hopefully this will help. Incoming (for Half-Life 1) was started over 5 years ago (August 25, 2000). That was after Halo was announced, but wasn't released yet. Halo 2 hadn't even begun. Later in development, I contacted Bungie about the Warthog (named the Talon in the first game) because it fit so well in the Incoming universe. Anyways, we are going to clarify this once and for all and we are hoping people at least take the time to read this to understand more of the game we are making for YOU for FREE. Yes. Their is one halo model (some will argue two) in this game. Most will call it the Warthog. We have changed the name along with a small few details, including the weapon turret on the top (custom twin .50 cal). That's the only model borrowed from the Halo Series. Some will argue our armor for the player model (humans), and as it does resemble him, their are major differences. The inspiration was based off both the Spartan armor from Halo along with ancient Trojan and Greek armor. Our model is unique, which you will all see when we release the media for the actual player model and texture. Until then, just trust us. Every other vehicle was designed by myself, no inspiration from Halo. So I hope that helps clear up some confusion. To learn more about the game, visit: And now on to the Progress update for the past week: Progress Update: -Marine Player model begun. -ATV Vehicle modeled and UVmapped. -ATV texture has begun. -Gladiator Texture has begun. -Trojan player model in game. Texture will be completed by next week. -XR8c Weapon Model complete (Human Assault Rifle). -FNC30 Model is complete. (Human Assault Rifle). -w_model for Steyr-M is complete. -Steyr-M has been re-textured. -Sako TRG texture has begun. -Sako TRG fully animated. -FN 2000 has received a new compile featuring a new shoot and reload animation. -inm_scale has been completely re-done. -New maps under way. (7 to be exact). Two of them "aren't very outdoors-y" -New map props for the environments have been modeled and skinned. -Plenty of ambience sounds have been completed. -Cave ambience. -Beach ambience. -Swamp ambience. -Radio commands have begun (both code and sound files) -Dropship Sounds have begun. -3 different sets of each radio command (will be explained later) -Weapon codes have been updated. -Added recoil to all weapons. -Iron Sights in game, need to be programmed. -Added 2x Zoom Scope to the FN 2000 Assault Rifle. -Bugs being fixed for various gameplay features. -Arm models rigged. -RPG Rocket Launcher secretly added to the internal alpha to give Praz a chance. And I'd like to take a short time to wish everyone luck with the new Hurricane Rita. We have some team members that had to evacuate their homes in Texas and this is a big hope and wish to them that they are okay and doing great. We cannot wait to hear from you guys and we hope that everyone will be okay during the next few days / weeks. If not... I might have to come down there and drop kick Rita in teh face. So that is it for this week! Come back next Friday for 2 new images and a new video of something that will be just as awesome!. PRAZ. Link to images: Link to video: