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30th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Now I'v have Smod installed for a good minute now, almost beat it like 5 times, but never beat it, id get like all the way to nova prospect and then quit, come back like 3-4 weeks later and start all over again. Basiclly It says here: [INDENT]Quote: SMOD is a Japanese mod which replays the original HL2 storyline but with new enemies, weapons and abilities. SMOD features hundreds of user configurable variables and allows each player to tune his experience to his own tastes. Using the resources below, players of SMOD are encouraged to learn the function of each variable and how this affects gameplay, and to make their own tailored experience. SMOD can be everything from a "lol gibfest" to a highly refined realism mod. The choice is yours. Half-Life 2: SMOD, Half-Life 2 Downloads, Half-Life 2 Releases it says you can customize things, ok so iv been on google for about 30min's and cant find a damn thing that says how to customize things for the game. Since im pretty sure theres been no news about a new release coming anytime soon. Im just tryin to bring a new freshness to my gaming experience if anyone can find/make some kind of FAQ for this mod and how to work it i would be most pleased, thank you. shib [/INDENT]