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#1 11 years ago

We may not be the first clan to be participating in this mod but I will explain what our clan is. To start off, we have over 2600 people active sectioned into 36 games, at least 10 are in development including this one. Whether it be from America's Army to Warcraft III. There're ranks for respectable reasons and for a structual and organized community. As of now we have 21 people who are willing to play it and establish it fully into the clan. All we need is your help and participation to make it worthwhile. We do have ventrilo and teamspeak and we're debating on which to use for this mod. I am the mostly the support or backbone of the modification called the Development Staff. I look forward to playing with a few of you ingame. Hit me up on xfire: pimpinpimper and Look at the site: Warrior Nation™ Video Gaming Network WNxINSbanner.gif[COLOR=red]Experience it![/COLOR]