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10th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

[color=dimgray]No, I'm not asking you to speak in Vietnamese, just wondering what the general opinion is so far about BF:V, is it meeting expectations, more of the same, or a real let down?[/color] To get specific, I'd actually like to know if they've improved the infantry or if it's still a sad embarrassment (as you can tell, I never much liked the infantry combat in Battlefield 1942.. and who would if you've played games where it's .. you know ... smooth). From what I've read about system performance it would appear BF:V is just as much of a hog as it's predecessor, which is disappointing, although not really a surprise. So uh.. yeah ... speak your mind and all that. :clap:


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4th November 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Aight, My impressions:

Infantry Combat: Infantry combat is a lot of the same, but I think it is a bit better. It is slightly easier to kill infantry, and the weapons are a lot better. A few problems are the built in fact that if you are one foot, you are easy prey to vehicles and large groups. Another thing is that the classes are a little unbalenced. The fact that you can have the LAW, and the M60 makes you a giant killing machine. Those could use some work.

Vehicle Combat: Same great taste, new vehicles :p Its just as fun as before, except I think they took alittle too much out of the Jeep, it seems slow and lethargic, and it most things have a terrible turning radius, including the scooter. Another thing is I think you take a bit too much damage when running into things. It seems that you slightly clip a sandbag, and end up with 50% health. I love the fact that you can shoot from passenger seats, nothing like laying down cover for your driver.

Helicopters: I am growing to like them, they are easy enough for a n00b to catch on quick, but require enough skill and pratice to make them a challenge. Anyone can fly them, but it is hard to get them to do exactly what you want them to do. Picking up things is rather difficult, you can't be rushed when trying to do it. But overall its fun!

Planes: Planes a really different! They fly with their power in the back, so steering is a bit wider, and you are move a lot faster, so you need to be light on the controls. I think planes are more of a secondary weapon in BFV as compared to BF1942.

GamePlay: Yes, it is a giant hog!! The online play is really laggy, and the dedicated servers are rough. I am really disapointed with the BFCC Server Manager they included, even after visiting the site and updating, it is still slow and buggy, plus it is packed with all kinds of stuff you don't need. So make sure you have a beast of a computer to run this thing!

Overall: Initially i was disapointed, but now that I have played it for a while, I have grown to love it. The best part is that it is different enough from BF1942, that I think people will play both regularly. I know I will ;)



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16th January 2003

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#3 16 years ago

BF:V's infantry is fantastic. It doesn't feel like BF1942's infantry at all. In BF1942 you shoot someone with a bazooka you needed a direct hit to get a kill. In BFV you get more leeway since the splash damage is a bit bigger. It's not as big as MoH's bazooka but it's enough to get a kill if the explosion hits slightly off. The MG class is a bit unbalanced but I love having an M60 and M79 :D If anything just increase the recoil, decrease the RoF on the M60 and give the VC/NVA a rifle to go along with the SA-7. The RPG is great and comes with an SKS which is really accurate and deadly. The .357 that US Special Forces get is a 2 shot kill weapon and sounds really nice.

Tanks don't last long in the jungle but in the city maps they can do some damage (unless you get some RPGs in the windows :p )

The choppers are just great. I don't care if it's unrealistic that a Huey can airlift a Patton. If you bump into something like a twig while tugging a vehicle it'll disconnect. Hovering is not that hard to pick up either. You simply level the chopper and set throttle to 50%. One thing I find annoying is the limit of 2 rockets on the choppers. After you fire 2 rockets you reload the next 2. And with gunships like the Huey or the Cobra the copilot really gets to have the fun. In the Huey he gets the grenade launcher and machine gun and the Cobra has the machine gun and stingers. The Mi 8 and Mi17 can hold 6 people and 2 can shoot out the back. They're big and slow but they serve as a spawn point unlike the Huey.

The napalm is just awesome. You drop it, the fires flare and they travel forward for a little while. You only get 3 before having to rearm so don't waste 'em!

Infantry can be easily spotted when firing because you can see a flash on the ground.

The maps just look great. The variety and detail is just breathtaking. What I didn't like was that some of the maps repeat. Like the city maps. You have Hue and Retaking Hue. In Hue all the city flags start neutral, in Retaking Hue ARVN have to reclaim the city held by the NVA. And Quang Tri has something similar to that as well.

The radio is a nice feature but sometimes the music is too faint. Even though you're playing music you can hear an announcer sometimes talk over it.

Overall I think the game is great. The infantry is a big improvement from BF1942, animations are really nice, maps are beautiful. Sure there are some bugs and imbalances but BF1942 wasn't perfect at 1.0 either. When the modders start cracking this game open, then you're gonna see some action :D


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14th February 2004

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#4 16 years ago

its more tactical. the weapons have awesome sounds and awesome reloading annimations. you see more of the gun your holding. exp. in reg bf the thompson, when running all you see is his hand and the barrel. and theres a knife, machete, and my favorite, crop blade 12_1_124.gif:)


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1st July 2003

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#5 16 years ago

I like it alot..the detail in the maps are great. Once i get my NEC 991 19", it will sure as hell look alot better. Im on a gateway ev910 monitor and the picture quality is terrible. Anyways, i agree, if dc ported over to the new Bfv engine, it will be sick.



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21st January 2004

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#6 16 years ago

[color=darkred]Despite what has been said here, I rarely use the heavy weapons class on the American side. In fact, given the chance, I'll take an AK anyday. I love the fact that you can actually get accurate single shots out of the assault rifles - and the fact that three hits from an AK kills someone. Those M60 lovers are quite surprised when the person with the AK fires three quick shots and they lose. Vehicle combat needs a little fine tuning...the Patton can kill the PT-76 with one well placed shot, and in a head to head fight, the T-54 owns all other tanks. Some people think the plane combat is a little unbalanced with the F-4;s guided missiles - simply put, don't charge them head on and don't let them get behind you. I love the little touches as well, like when you are driving a jeep over a dirt road, you can hear the sound of tires grinding against the dirt and crushing all the little rocks. Also, about planes, I agree with Spidey. In BF 1942, due to the WIDE open spaces, planes could pick off anyone they wanted. In BF Vietnam with the trees and cover and all that other stuff, its much harder to bomb or strafe someone and avoid eating tree for a final meal. Not to say I haven't already done it on numerous occasions...[/color]


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17th March 2003

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#7 16 years ago

i find that the NVA weapons are better than american ones dunno why though


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5th September 2003

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#8 16 years ago

It's very similar to BF42, however the focus is more on infantry then armor which is a nice change. Problem is I end up footing it everywhere b/c people don't stick around to give you a lift, and many maps are vehicle lite. It took me three months to figure DC helos out and now I can stand these BF 'Nam ones they are over simplified an much less agile. I was impressed with the airlift capability though, I managed to slingshot the patrol boat he was in across the map by swing the chinook to gather momentum, he hit the water and seemed to skip along for awhile, very fun. I'm also satisfied with the ability to fire from vehicles. Unfortunately we tested it on his old 1.8ghz machine with a 64mb GF2... barely ran w/ everything down. But that's ok, we have bettar machines :P All in all a good game w/ some minor bugs.


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16th March 2004

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#9 16 years ago

It's much different than BF 42' or DC. Like mrhola said, it has more of a focus on infantry as opposed to armor. I like it. It's just gonna take a little getting useto.


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9th January 2004

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#10 16 years ago

I love the heat seekers on the phantom and i love the mi-8 (not sure on the name but its the one with the rocket launchers) it totally kicks ass and i owns all things.