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17th March 2004

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#21 17 years ago

i have to admit i'm dissapointed that there's no more naval battles and massive oceans, but i understand why they couldn't have them. However, there isn't enouph variety in the levels, for instance cambodian incursion and Ho Chi Minh trail are basically the same map. The gameplay is radically different, everyone in my clan (including me) hated the game at first, but once you get used to the fact you have to hide a lot and use the jungle to your advantage, you begin to appreciate it. What really annoys me is that they didnt include the great interface in 1942, such as the "add buddy" and "kick vote player" buttons that they had in 1942. Also, one of the most retarted things i've ever seen: you can't check the ip, or name, of the server your on while your playing on it. WHY? There's also a lot of annoying bugs, but that makes sense, EA pushed Dice a lot to get the game out on time. overall, 1942 is a better game in my opinion, it feels much larger scale, but i still find myself playing vietnam from time to time.