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2nd February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Anywayz, I got the game yesterday, installed and played it asap, I had a problem at first cos it was jerky and slow, i then figured out cos i have onboard 5.1 sound that when i select EAX 5.1 the game doesnt play smooth. Basically i then selected MILES proportional audio and now it plays fast and wicked. My graphic settings are set to medium but even at that level it looks well impressive, since i installed ATI v4.3 Catalyst the games i have all work perfectly, no problems at all and boy telling you lot i have all the latest FPS. Only quarm i have is u get killed easily when you infantry but otherwise i reckon this game is good enough alittle step up from the BF1942 Series. Only thing now i'm waiting for is the mods to appear using the BFV engine, can you imagine Desert Combat or Galactic Conquest, well impressive if its ever launched. Anywayz what do you guys reckon, give us you opinons about this game ? AMD 3000XP 320 GB HDD 1GB RAM 5.1 REALTEK ONBOARD SOUND 9200 SE 256MB ATI 576KBPS BT BROADBAND DVD-ROM DVD-RAM and much more !:micro: :smokin: :fistpunch:


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4th November 2002

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#2 16 years ago

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