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#11 15 years ago
bongmanAs for the pixel wierd crap, i had that too. Vietnam comes with Nvidia Drivers on the disc, but not the newest one. However, after installing these old drivers instead of the brand new one, the pixels actually went away. I dont know if this is Dice's screw up or Nvidia's, but it's definitely unnacceptable (especially since the new drivers i had came out exactly one day before Nam).

With the newest NVIDIA driver I got this (screenshot attached) and with the driver on the BFV disc (older) it went away. Note: this problem would appear randomly - that is, in random locations on random maps while doing different things. That particular screenshot was while flying a Huey Gunship on Operation Hastings. Otherwise I think Ender hit part of your problem with the processing bottleneck, but it's difficult to say not being able to work on the system in person.

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