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#21 15 years ago

I'll tell ya - people are griping that the choppers are 'too easy' and all that... I'm quite happy they are as easy as they are. Before BFV I couldn't fly DC choppers to save my life, literally - I was stuck in an Iraqi base and my only option for getting out alive was to steal the Hind. I crashed. I sort of improved with EOD - in fact I forced myself to become better after I suffered too many deaths (nearly 80 in one match) at the hands of idiot pilots in a server running "We Were Soldiers Once". After a marathon session with a few friends of "Soldiers" and "Charlie Don't Surf" I became decent enough to NOT CRASH with a full crew.

Then I played BFV. The first map I fired up after installing the game was Operation Hastings, and the first thing I attempted was the Huey Gunship. I was surprised - I made it from one end of the map to the other without horrible incident.

I am happy to report I went back into DC and EOD after playing BFV for a few days and found that I can now fly helicopters a lot better than I ever have in either mod. I still crash in DC but it's about 10% of the time as opposed to my 100%, and my EOD crash rate has dropped from 50% to nearly 20%.