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7th April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

"Hello Mr. Shepard, have a good sleep? Well, it's time to awake and carry on your task. Well, we do have some, lets say, procautions i would like to add... but your more than capible to handle them." The Gman stairs at Adrian. "Perhaps i will have some need for you after all. So wake up Mr. Shepard, wake up and smell the ashes" The scene fades away, and the sounds of engines roared through Adrians ears. The combine dropship in wich he was riding in was heading into battle. "Get ready!" the combine strangly ruffles. BOOOOM A rebel RPG had hit the dropship and began to crash. The scene fades away. "Get up asshole!" A rebel screamed. Adrian was in a grimy cell, filled with rotten bodys of combine. Ill let someone begin again from there :) Keep the story cool guys, hopefully this will be fun