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Hey, folks, this is a copied message that I’m throwing around on various forums after being informed that it is not a valid news item. That aside, I'm a great lover of the downloads available for Half-Life 2 and its source engine and I have to say that the brilliance of some of these maps and mods is utterly fantastic, and I commend you all, especially FAKEFACTORY and Garry. That aside, many of the movies and comics have been embarrassingly cheesy and free of humor. Since I am quite the brilliant genius, I have decided that it is my job to counter this mindless drivel with a movie or advanced comic of my own. Unfortunately, outside of Basic, I have no knowledge of mapping and coding, and virtually no experience with C++. In fact, I don\'t even know what those lua things are. That\'s why I need you, dear reader, to help me out in my quest for the salvation of Source art, if it ever existed. However, I think I have a pretty gnarly story, and since I\'m a compassionate person, I\'ll let you in on it. While I haven\'t decided on a title, the story will follow Mulworth, a rather average looking bub with average tendencies who becomes mixed up in-... Well, you don\'t know. In the first scene, Mulworth wakes up on a street curb with the surrounding area littered with bodies. From the expression on his face, he knows what\'s going on, but you don\'t. We follow Mulworth as he tries to leave the scene, but he is promptly killed by a clock that falls on his head from the top of a nearby building.Normally, this would have been the end of the story, but we follow Mulworth beyond the grave to a rather tacky office whose occupier, a tasteless pencil pusher who informs Mulworth that he is dead. Mulworth is shocked, of course, but before he asks for elaboration he is whisked off to a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere which is populated by people who have had the exact same experience as Mulworth. They were alive, the died, and then they went here. We learn from the interaction that Mulworth has with other people that the human race had been the victim of a zombie attack (hence the post-apocalyptic nature of the first scene), and that Mulworth was part of a group of survivors who holed up underground (no pun intended). Hopefully, I\'ll get enough people to be able to release this in episodic movies, with each movie dealing with one particular person that Mulworth talks to. However, every episode, people come and go from Border Town, but for some reason, Mulworth stays. Well, there you have it. If anyone is mildly interested, please e-mail me at [email][/email], or if you just want to make fun of me, please feel free to write a comment. Just please, use actual English, I hate that phonetic abbreviation stuff, and you wouldn’t want people to think you’re stupid.


I didn't make it!

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Why you made five threads? One is enough. So do you realize that this is a huge project? Mapping, modelling skinning, coding, animating etc? What program do you use for recording?