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16th July 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I was so amazed with the hl2 graphics when the game first came out but there was one we little problem, with my card anyway. Everytime a played halflife, if i looked in a certain direction, there would be this brownish texture clash and artifacts. My 9800XT automatically overclocks itself when it thinks it needs to. This took much experimentation to find the solution. I went through every single setting in HL2 and also my driver settings and found the problem to be my, unknown at the time of playing, overclocked card. I decided to try and underclock and see what would happen. . . cpu: 3.2 P4 mem: 1gb *Underclocking can be done by a tool called 'ATItool', google it! ORIGINALLY core: 412 memory: 365 NOW core: 399 memory: 300 With these new settings my artifacts have completly dissapeared. I am running the game at: 1280 - 1024 4X AA 16X AF All settings at their most Steady framerate of around 40 fps give or take 20 It took me along time to find out how to fix the problem and i hope it helps at least one person, now i can really enjoy what hl2 has to offer!. . . Mellis