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11th May 2006

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#1 11 years ago

I've just Installed Alyx Player model from Fakefactorys cinematic mod 3, It's The Aly2.mdl and other files, So i Renamed Aly2 files to Female_04 Files, AND I Inserted the whole Alyx(There was 8 alyx models) Folder with textures, And now When i play deatchmatch and when i start as Female_04 playermodel The model is Just invisible. I checked out console and i saw this:

[COLOR=darkorange]Error Vertex File for 'Aly2.mdl' not found[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Please, Help me!!![/COLOR] Any ideas? I don't See any stuff about vertex's for ALy2.mdl in All vmt files in textures folder, Any help would be nice.