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2nd August 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hi all,

I have 1400 CPU and Radeon 9800 Pro card that was fine playing the original HL2 however I am having trouble getting episode one to work.

It basically installed fine, loads up to the menu screen fine but when I try to do a new game it passes the loading screen then as its about to begin it says "hl2 has to end, sorry for inconvenience" or summink like that. I have tried lowering the video options, defragging my hard drive but still it crashes.:mad:

Anyone have any idea what I can do to make it work ??

Thanks in advance.;)


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2nd November 2005

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#2 14 years ago

What settings have you got it on? Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering casue major problems for me, but on every other game they work fine. Also, if you have the Catalyst Control Centre I advise turning it off for HL2: Episode 1.


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1st July 2005

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#3 13 years ago

Try reinstalling, thats what i did and it worked perfect after.

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20th July 2005

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#4 13 years ago

Welcome to the forums ccgosling!

I also recommend making sure that your video card drivers are the newest availalbe, if not reinstall old ones and install the new. Also you can try veryfing integrity of gmae cache or defragmenting local game files, you can access those options by right clicking on the game icon in games lsit, selecting prpertys and local files tab.



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3rd August 2005

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#5 13 years ago

I have a similar problem, but for me its like after starting the menu pops up, i select new game, then it loads to some point on the bar, then loading bar dissapears screen flickers in diffrenttoned colors of black and then it takes me back to desktop with message: internal driver error something. HL:2 worked perfectly even with high settings 4 me and 4 ep1 i have all set to "reccommended 4 your system". Ill go try turning off hdr and if tht wrks ill post


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#6 13 years ago

trun off HDR, 9800;s have issues with HDR in EP 1 becuase of heating of the card.