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#1 11 years ago

ok steam n css were working fine today nothing wrong then i closed it n installed mcafee virus scan after a lil while i decided 2 play css again n when i tried 2 open it in steam it just said prepairing 2 launch css n i was waiting but the window just keep sitting there n the .... .... .... were movein but i look at my steam game menu n hl2/hl2dm/css all said download paused? but there is no update going on befor i try 2 launch game it just says 100% ready to play intell i try 2 launch any game on my list it just says download paused n it wont luanch the game.. can anyone help i tryed deactivateing virus scan but it still did the same thign closed steam n restarted but same thing still anyone can help?